What is Agreda Communications?

Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano grew their full-service marketing communications firm for ten years in a remote small town. In 2007, they hit the road in a fifth wheel trailer with their dog Jerry after he lost a leg to cancer. They have been full-time RVers ever since—working from home, in their mobile headquarters.

Still on the road today—with their three legged dog Wyatt—they have developed multiple proven revenue streams to support their nomadic lifestyle. They offer complete details about how they do it in their location independent entrepreneur handbook, Income Anywhere!

Income Anywhere!


Live. Work. Dream.

Follow our full-time RVing adventures at liveworkdream.com for nomadic lifestyle tips.



Tripawds is the largest online support community for amputee pets and their people.

Income Anywhere!

Income Anywhere!

Learn about workamping and how to develop mutiple revenue streams for nomadic living.

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Join our team of remote marketing executives for world-leading health and wellness company!

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What is Workamping?

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  • North, to Alaska!
    We officially begin our Alaskan adventure at the origin of Highway 97, and are reminded of the wilderness we will encounter in Bear country by an uninvited guest.
  • California Dreaming at Amy’s Drive Thru Vegan Fast Food
    How a night at Amy’s Drive Thru vegan fast food in Rohnert Park, California gave me hope for the future.
  • My Favorite RV Mods
    Jim lists the Top Ten RV Modifications he has made to his fifth wheel trailer and truck, over his ten years on the road.

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