More Ideas for Making Money on the Road

When we tell strangers that we live this unconventional full-timer lifestyle, they often assume we’re loaded (with money, silly!). But you know what they about assuming . . .

Just because a RVer makes a living on the road doesn’t mean the person is rich or retired. As we shared in our travel blog, tons of opportunities exist to help future and current RVers earn money and live their dream life.

Take for example, Coleen Sykora’s Work for RVers and Campers, one of the premiere websites that we visit when looking for “workamping” opportunities that help offset our travel cost.

Work for RVers and Campers helps people support a traveling lifestyle. It’s filled with paid employment, volunteer workamper positions and work-at-home business tips. A regular newsletter also has inspirational tips and workamping ideas.

You can read more about our story on the Worker’s Profiles page!

Coleen and her husband Bob have a great story that will inspire you to live your dream life. They know a lot about this topic. After all, they’ve been making a living from the road since 1992!

Coleen says:

Bob and I spent over a decade living in a recreational vehicle of some kind or another. They included several travel trailers, a pickup camper, a park model trailer, and a motorhome. Along the way, we worked and supported ourselves. We are proof that it is not only possible, but practical, to earn a living while full-time RVing.

Do you want to live the fulltime RVing lifestyle? Visit Work for RVers and Campers’s Resources today.

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