Sincerity is the best approach.

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After joining a number of “Work At Home” LinkedIn groups, I’ve enjoyed responding to a number of members who have attempted to pitch me on their “guaranteed” MLM programs. I have absolutely no interest in network marketing or pyramid schemes, and I have investigated many revenue sharing opportunities over the past few years.

For anyone who wishes to try and succeed at multi-level marketing, more power to them. For others who would rather partner with a legitimate revenue sharing company, I share a couple of these pitches and discuss some of the warning signs to look for when investigating any business opportunity.

I’m looking for leaders to get in on the ground floor… IT’S 100% FREE – Get Paid To Save… WORK FROM HOME IN YOUR SPARE TIME… The few I told turned into 1,000’s in a few weeks…

First, ALL CAPS should be a warning sign to anyone. Second, if anyone tells you about a “ground floor opportunity” or guarantees any sort of growth within a specific time frame, run. In fact, that is what I told this person who approached me. After saying I run when hearing pitches like this, however, I was asked if I run towards [sic] or away. Bad grammar aside, the pitch continued, but it was all about him and how many thousands of members he had in a number of weeks. I ran away for sure, directly to my business partners for a good laugh.

Here’s another…

I see that you work from home. Would it be okay if I shared an online system that is working for me?

Now that’s much better. It might have actually piqued my interest had the question not been followed by statements like “FREE for a lifetime”, “no credit card required”, and “taking my business to the next level”.

My preferred approach is sincerity. And I have two methods I use depending on whether someone may be interested in our superior products, or building a business of their own. In either case, I might say…

This isn’t for everybody. I enjoy what I’m doing and it helps support my lifestyle. Let me show you all the facts you need to make an informed decision. If after seeing it, you don’t feel it is right for you then don’t do it. Fair enough?

I do this because we only want two type of people in our organization: happy customers and energetic business builders. We don’t recruit people. Instead, we gladly welcome anyone who may be interested in saving on their monthly shopping budget, or earning extra income from a proven business model with a solid foundation.

Love what you do to be happy. Help others do the same.

Contact us for complete details, and we will guarantee you one thing: sincere honesty about what we’re doing so you can decide if it’s right for you.

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