Hello and thanks for stopping by! Here’s a little bit about how we live and work from wherever we want. We hope it inspires you to live your dream life too!

Jim, Rene and Wyatt in Colorado

We stopped punching a clock for someone else in 1998, when we founded a small business called Agreda Communications from our home in Eureka, California. Over the next ten years we delivered premiere marketing communications, print and publishing solutions to clients ranging from mom and pop retailers to Fortune 500 companies.

When our only dog Jerry was diagnosed with bone cancer and given only a few months to live in late 2006, we quickly made plans that changed our lives forever. By June, 2007 we had sold our business, home and nearly everything we owned. We hit the road in an RV to explore the country with Jerry – leaving the corporate world behind – and never looked back.

Watch Jim Rene and Jerry on PBS NatureThe unique story of our travels with Jerry was featured in the documentary episode of Nature, Why We Love Cats and Dogs which first aired on PBS in 2009.

Over the next three years we traveled the country in search of the next big thing.

After building a couple of online communities and considering various business opportunities, we realized we could never return to typical day jobs but needed a way to support our rambling lifestyle without being forced to rely on one source of income that would leave us vulnerable during hard economic times. We believe we’ve found the key!

During the Summer months, we work in various fun workamping jobs, including work at a dude ranch in Western Colorado. When we’re not there, we work on our other endeavors from the mountain home we call Jerry’s Acres nestled in the Rocky Mountains about an hour from Fort Collins, Colorado. But that’s not the only place we call home  . . .


fulltime RVer by fifth wheel trailer on Carson Pass

René celebrates her new life on the road atop Carson Pass, June, 2007.

When the snow begins to fall, we pack up the mobile headquarters of Team Agreda and head south for the winter. We spend the rest of the year roaming in the southwest with our Tripawds spokesdog Wyatt, spreading the word about how you can live life the way you want to.

connect with jim and rené

Connect with Jim on LinkedIn.  Email Jim. James. C Nelson, Jr.

Jim NelsonIn my previous default life I was an expert graphic designer specializing in publication design, product packaging, and the development of professional corporate identity materials and marketing collateral. After doing time as a Marketing Communications manager in the tech industry during its heyday, I married René and we escaped the rat race to start our own design and marketing firm, Agreda Communications. After years of preparing custom proposals, I decided to work smarter instead of harder and created the online graphics storefront we sold before hitting the road to follow our dreams.

Today, I have become a WordPress multisite expert, managing the largest online community for three legged pets and their people at, with nearly, 1,000 blogs, 5,000+ members and growing. I also help manage, train and support a team of remote marketing executives for a leading e-commerce site. I love what I do, and I always enjoy helping others learn how they can do the same.

This location independent entrepreneur lifestyle has allowed me to be selective when choosing contract opportunities, but I am always happy to consider working with corporate clients in need of assistance for quality graphic design or web development. Please review some samples from my portfolio and then drop me a line to see how I might be of assistance.

Connect with Rene on LinkedIn. email René M. Agredano

Rene AgredanoAlways the square peg when it came to fitting into any kind of organized structure, I’ve always known that the key to my happiness is calling my own shots. As a self-employed entrepreneur since 1998 and a freelance writer, communications consultant and advocacy journalist for causes near and dear to my heart, I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living in my pajamas for the last 10 plus years.

But writing isn’t exactly the most lucrative career. Yes, you can do what you love and the money will indeed follow, but supplemental income is always a good thing. That’s why I’m so happy that we started this new business venture. I still get to enjoy the independence I treasure, while having an awesome support network of other like-minded entrepreneurs who love making this world a better place through health and wellness.

I warmly welcome anyone in need of professional writing services to contact me for details about how I can help.

*Contact Team Agreda today for complete details about the company’s products and compensation plan.