Elance your way to freedom.

We’re not here to convince anyone about any particular business guaranteed to make you rich. Only you can decide what will work to help you support your lifestyle. But we do enjoy sharing what works for us, and the stories of others who have found a way to follow their dreams.

Take Scott for instance. This self-proclaimed life-experimenter and Personal Freedom Coach wrote about how he headed down his own road to financial freedom in the Elance blog:

How One Man Elanced His Way to Life on His Terms

In this article, Scott describes various ways he has discovered to live life on your own terms.

After a couple less than fulfilling jobs renting my mind to others, my only option was to set out on my own.

—Scott Dinsmore

Hire a World of Talent at ElanceAside from that cool title of “Personal Freedom Coach” René and I share some similar goals with Scott. We all want to help people, own our calendars, and make enough money to do the things we want.

One way Scott works smarter instead of harder, is by partnering with Elance. The Elance job marketplace offers a multitude of remote work opportunities for freelancers and facilitates the management of a flexible workforce for entrepreneurs.

Want work? Create an Elance profile to access thousands of employers looking for talented professionals in many areas of expertise. Need workers? Join Elance to build your own remote workforce.

Whether you are an expert graphic designer, writer, Drupal developer, salesperson or Quickbooks whiz; or if you need to cost-effectively hire any of the above, Elance may be the perfect solution for you to start living life on your own terms.

Need some help finding other ways to follow your dreams? Contact us today to find out if what we do might work for you! See our Resources page for more remote workforce opportunities and management solutions.

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