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Followers of our RV snowbird lifestyle blog may wonder why on earth I recently posted about excessive sweating, or where I got the nifty infographic.

Another way to earn affiliate commissions with your blog is to publish informative graphics providing helpful details about a specific subject. Text Link Ads for example, offers one time affiliate commissions for publishing infographic content on a blog or website.

This information graphic explaining Hyperhydrosis is a good example of such a campaign in action. I’ve been waiting a while for an even remotely related graphic to share with our LiveWorkDream readers. A limited number of infographic link ads become available at a time, so I grabbed this one up and wrote a few quick words relating to the topic.

The graphic must remain on the site indefinitely, and it will not provide any residual income. But the one time bonus was easy money for a few minutes of work that will provide valuable content and SEO traffic for years to come.

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