Another Remote Income Opportunity with Travel Blogging

Our travel blog,, began in 2006 as a vehicle to help sell our business, home and Northern California lifestyle. Today it serves as a chronicle of what it’s like to live as full-time RVers while reflecting on the values we hold close, like being self-employed, living simply and not succumbing to a soul-sucking consumer lifestyle. also provides a small revenue stream for us. It’s not huge by any means but like we’ve said before, everything adds up. We know that if really wanted to make money from this blog, we would find the time for the revamp and site overhaul that we’ve been talking about for years. Meanwhile, we do see a few cents here and there which makes keeping it up on a basic level fun and worth the little effort we put into it.

If you’re a fellow adventurer and are interested in starting your own travel blog to feed your own income stream, this fantastic step-by-step guide from Wand’rly Magazine is a great place to begin:

How to Create Your Own Travel Blog

If you’re a total beginner, the folks at Wand’rly provide a comprehensive guide to getting on the travel blogging road. As for how to make money blogging, one of the best things about this guide is its truthful approach about whether or not that’s possible:

But How Can I Generate Revenue from My Site?

Ah, “generating revenue”, every bloggers dream! Truth be told, making money from a blog is not easy. If you’re doing this primarily for fun—to share your adventures online, to record your travels, or to keep in touch with family wherever back home used to be— then you may be able to make a few bucks from your site. If you envision this as a long-term money making strategy, that is also obtainable…however, the key term there is “long-term”. It can, and usually does, take a year or two before a site is even noticed by enough people to make selling ads viable, and even then, ad sales alone may not be enough to make you the kind of real money you could make by, oh say, working 30 hours a week for minimum wage.

That said, we’ll show you how to get ads on your site, and we’ll show you a couple of other ways to make money from your blog as well. Your results may vary, no promises are being made, we’re just giving you some places to start and you take it from there.

If you’re even remotely interested in starting your own travel blog or want to dive into your basic blog a little further, check out Wand’rly’s expert instruction.

“How to Create Your Own Travel Blog”

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