Multi-Level Marketing Does Not Work

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MLM? There is no comparison!

We have approached a number of potential business partners lately about teaming up with us to work from home, only to find out that they “do” – or “did” – a certain MLM business and are not interested in “doing” another. Good, because the business we’re now working is no MLM, and you don’t just “do” it.

We would never risk our future, nor our reputation, on some MLM business. We have chosen to work a proven business model with a respected company that has received awards for its track record of ethical practices.

Ironically, all the MLM distributors we have met, are not actively working their business. I wonder why. Perhaps it is because the Multi-Level Marketing business is structured to only benefit those who started it.

Below are just a few examples why the best home based business we have chosen works, and why MLM businesses do not…

  • MLM companies profit off people buying into the business, instead of actually making money from selling real products to actual end consumers.
  • 12% of all those involved with our company are business builders, that’s 88% of all our customers who are only in it to take advantage of great savings on wonderful products. This is opposite from most MLMs, and proves the company has a real customer base regularly purchasing real products.
  • The average attrition rate for businesses with our company is from 5-10%. With most MLM businesses, customer loss averages closer to 30-40%.

95% of our customers return to shop every month.

  • The majority of all MLM businesses carry a specific “Miracle Product” or very narrow product line – vitamins, juice drink, magnet wrist band, etc. We offer more than 350 products to choose from.
  • MLM businesses invariably price their products at outlandishly high products causing discerning customers to shy away. Our company offers up to 40% savings on real products people need and are already purchasing every month elsewhere.
  • MLM’s often punish business partners who may have people “below” them who succeed further or faster than they do. This is not the case with our company. There is no “upline” or “downline”, everyone in our organization will be rewarded equally and nobody’s business will ever be “split”.
  • MLMs often make extraordinary, unbelievable product claims. By not paying for advertising or distribution, our company puts about 48 cents of every dollar back into product development to create clinically proven products backed by scientific studies.
  • MLM businesses require large upfront investment and usually require you to carry inventory and process orders, often with a quota to stock up every month. The only sales quota our business has is the performance goals we set for ourselves.

We offer no start-up costs. No inventory, No sales. No risk!

  • The MLM compensation model is based on the timing of when someone “got in” as opposed to how many purchases from end consumers they actually generated.
  • MLM compensation plans funnel money to the top of the pyramid where the first guy wins and the last guy in loses. Our company rewards everyone equally based upon their performance.
  • MLMs usually promote their business as a “get rich quick” scheme with catch phrases like “two-year retirement”. We have seen proof that building a million dollar business with our company is possible, but only if one treats it like a real job and puts in the effort. Like any job advancement, you get out of it what you put into it.
  • The company we have chosen to partner with offers the best of any revenue sharing business model, without any of the risk. No MLM offers the 100% money back guaranty we are able to extend to our customers.
  • MLM sales volumes are created by promotions and incentives to “invest” rather than by actual customer demand.
  • We are proud to represent a totally transparent company that provides detailed company statistics and business reports to all it’s partners, whereas most MLM companies hide results from their distributors and do not disclose what their distributors make at all levels.

Interested in learning more? Please read our faqs or contact us now for complete details.

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