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Over in our LiveWorkDream blog, René wrote a brief report from the Workamper Rendezvous we recently attended, and she should have her in-depth article about the event published in an upcoming issue of the Escapees magazine.

Workamping (v) 1. Working at a location in exchange for RV site accommodations. 2. An innovative way to support the RV lifestyle.

Workamping to Help Support RV LifestyleThe best thing about operating a home based business and having multiple revenue streams is that it enables RVers to select workamping jobs because they they want to, and not because they have to.

Workamping is a great way to support the RV lifestyle. We have enjoyed various different workamping arrangements since we hit the road in 2007. During our stay at Safe Harbor in North Carolina, we learned that we don’t want to start an animal rescue as we once dreamed.

We discovered the joy and hardship of organic farm workamping at White Rabbit Acres in Florida. I have put up with cleaning hot tubs and René did laundry for free soaks in natural New Mexico springs along the Rio Grande. And we have made forever friends at Vickers Ranch, where we will likely return as long as I am capable of picking up hay bales.

Jim workamping at New Mexico hot springs resort

Jim workamping at hot springs resort in 2007.

Workamping opportunities that actually pay a decent amount, however, are in high demand and hard to find. Many resorts may pay a stipend, but then charge RVers for their site. The best way we have discovered to find workamping jobs is though our Workamper News subscription.

Thanks to our marketing business, we don’t have to fight for those few paid workamping jobs. That’s why we’re currently enjoying our stay with the fine folks at Hill Shade RV Park in the Texas Hill Country. For just a few hours of clean-up and maintenance each week, we get full hookups and the time to focus on our own work.

Contact us today to find out how you can supplement your income or build a successful business from anywhere so you can actually enjoy your workamping experiences!

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