Words You’ll Never Hear Us Say

Recently a group of nomadic entrepreneurs were having a Facebook discussion about how they make money on the road. The following conversation ensued between Jim and two individuals, including “Person #2” who seems to be quite in tune with the type of vague MLM language that we will never use when describing our own business endeavors:

To protect the innocent, we’ve omitted names:

Person 1: I’m a chef by trade. Do you think I could just bake one pie at a time in an rv and charge a hundred dollars a pie? I make really good pie…

Person 2: Well Andrea you could come up with healthy recipes and share them as a health coach and increase your cash flow with residual income…

JIM: Lu is right in a way Andrea. If you know pies, publish an information product! E-book, webinars, e-seminars, member only content website…We went spent last night boondocking across from the Pieoneer in Pie Town so this hits home right now. The world needs more pie!

Person 2:Actually Jim I am totally right as with health and fitness coaching then you get the added benefit of replication which pays you for not only the work you do but also on the team you build. That way you can get paid not only on what you fingerprint, but also on the residual cash flow that streams from those who you help along the way.

Do you hate MLM language as much as we do? What are some common MLM catch-phrases that drive you nuts? Share in the comments section below!

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