You Don’t Find a Work from Home Job, You Create It

When you’re self-employed it’s critical to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. These folks are life savers with inspiration, ideas and support when you need it most. Our number one go-to resource of smart people is the Blog Paws Community, a support network for pet bloggers.


Led by Yvonne Divita, a  talented, super smart Internet maven, Blog Paws is constantly offering game-changing tips and ideas for growing a pet-centric blogging business. One of Yvonne’s latest blog posts summed up our own work-from-home advice better than we could:

In “Create Your Own Work-From-Home-Job,” Yvonne describes a discussion she had with an acquaintance who was lamenting about how she wished she could work from home. Yvonne replied to her by saying:

“You don’t find a job like mine,” I said to my guest. “You create it.”

And therein lies the truth of the matter. We spend eight hours a day at our jobs, no matter where we are. Some days, we spend more than eight hours a day. We chose our place of employment. We, as thinking beings, make a choice early on in our careers to be one place or another. We are either “here” or we are “there.” The here and the there are places of choice. I choose to work at home. I choose to be responsible to myself. I choose to make my work pleasurable and profitable.

It’s a new year. Will you choose to create that career or business you’ve always wanted? And where will you do it?

Jump on over to read the rest of Yvonne’s blog post about working from home to discover her other insightful tips about making a living from your own comfortable place in this world.





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